The Power of Music

I’ve been involved with Best Buddies and the Gold Coast Down Syndrome Organization for years and I’ve really never met happier people in my life. And their families are just full of love and encouragement.  So, when I was asked to host the Exceptional Theater Company’s annual Gala it was a no-brainier. I had no idea it was like hosting the Oscars. There was so much joy expressed in song and dance and it was such a pleasure to witness first hand the healing power of music and creativity and the freedom that came with it.  I’m so excited to be asked back to host the gala once again November 14th. And I love EVERYTHING this organization is about. After all, music saved MY life….

I hope you'll consider supporting what I believe to be a very worthy cause and purchase the shirt I helped design along with Emotional Support Threads with 100% of the proceeds benefitting Exceptional Theater Company through the end of November 2020.



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