Hey, I’m Amanda! Lover of all animals, but particularly canine OBSESSED!

When my friends at Emotional Support Threads asked me to be their very first Charity Collaborator I fell out of my chair! I couldn’t wait to share the story of how I met two of the loves of my life and what an opportunity to help raise money for a cause I think we can all agree is BEYOND worthy! The charity I chose for the month of October is The Humane Society of Greater Miami. And here’s my story:

After rescuing my first little love, Gracie and enjoying a wonderful life with her, she passed away at the age of 14 just a few years ago. I was devastated, but I knew she would want me to continue sharing my heart and welcoming other pups in need into my life. I never underestimate the power we humans have to completely change the life and circumstances of an animal in need… And that’s exactly what I set out to do.

After Gracie’s passing I heard about an incoming flight from Puerto Rico