• Deena Lang

Hay YOU!!

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Well, hi! It's me, Deena.

Wanted to welcome you to our site and tell you that if you wrap up most days feeling like you've failed in some facet of your life, you've found the right place and you're not alone. Both myself and Chrystal are generally realists, but when it comes to parenting, ESPECIALLY during a pandemic, it's like WHOA.  

This site and all of it's products was prompted by our need to escape the reality of full time jobs, spouses, kids, family obligations and friends we're never able to be there for often enough... And it has been nothing short of therapeutic for both of us, so much more than either of us ever expected. It's given us both a creative outlet, LOTS of laughs, a wonderful sense of collaboration and togetherness and we hope you enjoy it as much as we've enjoyed working on it.

Please have a blast shopping and remember to post pics with whatever you order as soon as it arrives to be featured on our IG and potentially here on the website! By using the hashtag #emotionalsupportthreads we'll know you want us to show the world how rad you look with your new goodies.